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At Home In Louisville Real Estate Team

Pets in Winter Louisville KY

Pets in Winter Louisville KYDid you know that At Home In Louisville Real Estate Group loves animals? Virtually all of our team members have one or two lovable furballs at home. Pets are members of our family and its important to watch out for them as the temperatures drop. While most of our community is aware of the dangers associated with keeping animals in extreme heat, we sometimes may overlook the dangers of harsh cold weather. If you are used to leaving your animals outside, keep an eye on the weather during the winter months. Pets in Winter Louisville KY

Dogs can suffer frostbite and hypothermia the same as people. Try to keep areas where your pets will be exploring free from ice as much as possible and check their feet when they return inside. Ice & snow packed into paws can keep animals feeling chilly (and also will make a mess around your house. Animals can also suffer cracked and bleeding paws during extreme cold. Be sure to keep your animals feet free from rock salt build up which can be dangerous if ingested. Like people, puppies/kittens and older animals are more susceptible during the cold months. Make sure your pet has a warm place to stay if you leave your home. We love our pets and we know you do too. Keep an eye out for any strays as the temperatures drop and report any you see to the Kentucky Humane Society or Metro Animal Services.


Happy Holidays from At Home In Louisville Real Estate Group 2014

At Home In Louisville Real Estate Group Holidays 2014Happy Holidays from At Home In Louisville Real Estate Group! We have had a blessed year and we hope you have also! Thank you so much to all of our family members, friends, clients, and business associates that have made this year so wonderful!

Our team enjoyed a fun holiday party at Melanie Jones' home this year! It was so nice to join together with our family members and team mates to celebrate the year's achievements, relax, & share time before the upcoming holidays. Merry Christmas & Happy Hanukkah! May your holidays be full of precious memories this year and next! We can't wait to see what joys next year brings! Thank you for sharing 2014 with At Home In Louisville!



Happy New Year 2014

At Home In Louisville New Year 2014Happy New Year from At Home In Louisville Real Estate Group! We are starting off the New Year with a bang and looking forward to all of the promise of 2014! Our team enjoyed a wonderful holiday season with friends and family. We had a great time gathering together during our team holiday party and are staying warm during this chilly New Year. 

We wish all of our family, friends, and clients a wonderful 2014 full of peace, hope, love and success. 

How are you spending your January in Louisville? Have you made any New Year's Resolutions? Some of the most popular New Years Resolutions generally involve health, fitness, family time, financial changes, travel, community involvement, and taking part in recreational activities. Whatever your personal ambition, Louisville is a fantastic place to acheive your goals. Check out a few ideas below to get you started on just a couple of these popular resolutions.

Health & Physical Fitness:

Louisville has a multitude of physical fitness opportunites both indoor and outdoor. During the winter months, indoor activites are likely preferable, so we've offered up a few suggestions for fitness memberships.

1) YMCA of Greater Louisville 

2) Jewish Community Center of Louisville

3) Louisville Athletic Club

4) Maximum Fitness

5) Fitness 19


Whether you're interested in a "staycation" or a far of destination, Louisville has some great services to help you with your planning. Louisville is without a doubt a great place to travel into or out of. The UPS hub is located here and according to the company's research 2/3 of US cities are within a 24 hour drive and 3/4 of domestic destinations can be reached in under two hours by air. Below are a few suggests for local and destination travel assistance.

1) Platinum Travel

2) AAA

3) The Travel Authority

4) Advantage Travel Services

5) ...and for local exploration, visit the Louisville Visitor's Center or Gotolouisville.com

Feel free to contact our team for more information about the Louisville area or for up to date information about the Louisville Real Estate market.


Home Values

Home Values

When you want to sell your home in Louisville, one of the most important questions you have is, "how much will my home sell for?"  One way to simplify things and get a clear understanding of this is to understand home values.  Home Values must be understood from the point of view of the big picture to really get a clear perspective for what home prices have done historically.  This helps us understand what is going on so we can get a better idea of what will happen now and in the future.  Do do this, let's look at median home prices nationally.

Historical Home PricesHome values increase at a rate of 4% annually.  Looking at the yellow line in chart here we can see that from the years1989 to the years 2001 home values steadily rose 4%. Then, from 2001 to 2006 prices rose dramatically. 2006 through 2011 we can see prices decline.  Now look what is happening from 2011 to 2013.  Prices are beginning to rise again.

The number on the yellow line is $241.  That is, according to historical home prices, the national median home price for the year 2013, is $241,000 dollars.  Currently, we are at $193,000.  So, this year, national home prices are still undervalued.  The truth is, home values are trying to get back to this yellow line.  If it gets too far above it, it will adjust.  If it gets to far below, it will also adjust.  So, as we move forward, which way do you think home values will move in 2014, up or down?

We've been looking at the national median trend to gain a holistic perspective on home values in the real estate market nationally.  That helps us see through some confusion and get some clarity.  That's great.  We must also understand that real estate is a local business.  We know this intuitively.  Some neighborhoods are selling great at certain prices while homes in other neighborhoods are not selling nearly as well.  Factors depend on neighborhoods and even particular streets in certain neighborhoods.

There is no better idea than consulting with a Louisville Realtor to understand the neighborhood, and what is happening with home values on this particular street in this particular neighborhood.  We hope when the time comes for you to make that decision, you will consult with us here At Home In Louisville 502-371-1173.


Melanie's Family Moving Day

Moving DayWhether you're moving across town or across the country, moving is a life changing experience. All of the packing, financial planning, and quiet conversations between family members finally come to rest and a new chapter of life begins.

Shortly after joining At Home In Louisville Real Estate Group, my husband and I traveled with our daughter and her family to assist with their move to Texas.  As the big yellow moving truck pulled away from our house, our daughter and her family began their journey to Texas with a little help from Mom and Dad.

As the 1,000 mile drive began from Louisville to Kerrville, Texas my husband drove the big yellow truck and pulled an extra vehicle while my daughter and her family followed behind in their car. The journey itself was fairly uneventful (considering we were traveling with a two year old and five week old infant) minus the pit stops for diaper changing, nursing, gas, occasional emergency and of course food. Our first night we stopped in Arkadelphia, AR and we were able to park the big yellow truck in a safe place underneath some great lighting, so no worrying there. Our two year grandson slept in our room so we had to go to bed at 8:30 p.m.!

Day two began and was again uneventful with good weather and mild traffic. We arrived at their townhouse around 8:00 p.m. and it was 107 degrees!! No thank you not my kind of weather. Anyway, we went to unload the truck only to realize there was no way all of their items would fit into the little townhouse. So, we went to bed, got up in the morning and started looking for another house to rent (luckily their lease was almost up and they hadn’t renewed yet) and guess what? We found one! -A beautiful house I might add.

We started unloading the truck, now the complication comes in because my son-in-law had been living in the town house, so we had to pack up the townhouse load the truck and then unload it again at the new beautiful house…did I mention it was 107 degrees and we had a two year old and brand new baby with us? Imagine the scenario.

After a few days my husband and I got them settled in Texas and had to fly back to Louisville to an empty house. No toys to step on, no food on the floor under the table, no bottles in the sink to wash, no laundry piled up , no crying babies and no laughter. Our hearts were broken. We are hoping to get a call for Mom and Dad to come help them move again soon and that this time the big yellow truck will be moving them closer to home.

By Melanie Jones, Buyers Agent

For information about moving to Louisville or homes currently for sale in the Louisville Real Estate market, please contact us today.


A Book Called Hold

In a nutshell, a book called "Hold"  is all about buying real estate at a good price, putting tenants in it for a positive cash flow, and building your wealth.

Hold The BookIt's not a book about getting rich quick.  It's not about the latest fad or trick or sexy new thing that will change your life.  It's a book that goes over time tested principles for gaining wealth through owning real estate.

The book was written by our good friends Jimmy and Linda McKissack out of Denton Texas and Steve Chader out of Mesa Arizona.  What's cool about them writing it, is they have the experience to back up what they are saying because they actually built their wealth buying residential real estate.  They share their tried and true methods on buying and owning real estate.

The book begins with acquiring real estate.  It answers all sorts of questions like; What neighborhoods do you look in?  Should you pay asking price?  Then it covers financing. How do you find tenants?  Who should be on your investing teams and why? They even provide online spreadsheets to make sure your numbers are right.  Basically, it is a step by step process on how to buy homes and rent them out to create positive cash flow.

We personally use these principles to grow our own wealth.  At one point, the book mentioned Jimmy McKissacks original goal getting in.  He was forty and decided by the time he would be 65 (that's twenty five years later) he wanted to own enough real estate to generate $20,000 a month net cash flow.  That was the number he wanted to hit to retire.  He exceeded that goal.  This example clarified the why do we accumulate wealth.

We would love to help you invest in real estate, if this is your goal.  We have some links for you to browse just to see what is potentially available.  For example, our Louisville investment properties page has all the properties in Louisville that are distressed.  That is REO's or shortsales for sale. Then we suggest you use one of our licensed Louisville realtors to assist you in acquiring your asset.  Remember, their fee is paid by the seller, so there is no cost to you for purchasing Louisville Real Estate.


Lynn Thomas Homes, INC Announces Sale of Company to Kathryn Sotelo

Lynn Thomas Homes, INC, operating as The Lynn Thomas Real Estate Team, announced the sale of the company to Kathryn Sotelo effective September 1, 2012.

Kathryn SoteloLynn Thomas, owner and CEO of Lynn Thomas Homes, and her business partner/husband, Perry Thomas, have started a new company, Activate Success, a motivational training and coaching company. “After 14 years of building a highly successful real estate business, I’m excited to move on to my next life endeavor. Coaching and training others has always been a passion for Perry and me, and we’re looking forward to coaching others to their ultimate personal and financial success”, said Lynn Thomas. “Kathryn Sotelo is the ideal candidate to trust my business and many former clients to. She has great integrity, leadership skills and the ability to grow the company, as well as continue to serve our clients at the highest level possible.” 

The Lynn Thomas Real Estate Team will be renamed and rebranded as At Home in Louisville Real Estate Group. The business focuses on a Team approach with dedicated specialists in the form of Exclusive Listing Specialists, Buyer Specialists, Marketing Specialists and a Client Services Department. “I love the team approach because of the service and results it enables us to provide our clients. Our Team Members have the ability to spend their time working on their clients’ specific Buying or Selling needs and don’t have to worry about the administrative portion of the business. Couple that with the backdrop of the forward-thinking, learning-based Keller Williams Brokerage, and we know we’re in the right place,” stated Kathryn Sotelo.
Kathryn Sotelo has been a licensed real estate agent since 2003 and worked for the fifteen years prior as a Vice President of Marketing in the Hospitality Industry.

Lynn Thomas Homes, INC is a Real Estate Company that originated in 2005 and operates under the Brokerage of Keller Williams Realty Louisville East. The company has seven team members and looks to add two more Buyer Specialists and one more Listing Specialist before June of 2013.


The Next Chapter

Perry and Lynn Thomas set out for their next adventure.  So, the At Home in Louisville Real Estate Group gathered for a fairwell send off.

Team picnicPerry and Lynn are heading out to train and coach Keller Williams agents all around the country.  As a way to say goodbye, the team gathered to see the RV Perry and Lynn will be traveling in, have a picnic, and share some laughs.

It was an amazing day.  The sun was out and the lake was clear.  Perry and Lynn's rig was parked in Shelbyville Lake.  Everyone on the team, Kathryn, Shaunta, Lauren, Clayton, Mellissa, and Katelyn attended. Kathryn brought her son Daniel also.

Picnic Time

The boys explored, played horseshoes, and did some fishing while the adults talked and ate.  The real estate stories flew around though the tears and laughter.

It was a great day on the lake as the team all grew a little closer.  It is bitter sweet that Perry and Lynn are leaving.  It's also nice to know they are going to be in constant contact with the team as they continue selling Louisville Homes.


The Lynn Thomas Team Partners With Candace Hutchison

The Lynn Thomas Team is excited to have recently partnered with Candace Hutchison, owner of Home Detailing.  Candace established her business 7 years ago when staging was an unfamiliar practice in the Louisville area.  Through the years she has had the opportunity to hep educate realtors and home owners about the effectiveness of home staging.  Candace has made local appearances on television and radio, public lectures, and has been featured in several print articles.  Candace views staging as a process striking symmetry between artistry and an editing eye and is a wonderful asset to our team.  She can prepare a newly listed home to appeal to buyers and give the property a distinct advantage over its competition.  



The Lynn Thomas Team Welcomes Melissa Gabehart

Melissa GabehartThe Lynn Thomas Team is pleased to announce the addition of Melissa Gabehart to our Team.  Melissa has lived in Louisville all of her life and graduated from the University of Louisville in 1994 with a BA in Psychology. She has been a Real Estate Agent since 2007 and a Real Estate Broker since 2009. Melissa became a Buyer Specialist in 2011 and loves helping people find their perfect new home. She is one of five children and enjoys photography and reading in her spare time. Melissa is married to her high school sweetheart and has four beautiful children.  Welcome Melissa!


The Lynn Thomas Team Welcomes Kimberly Greenwell

The Lynn Thomas Team is very pleased to welcome our new Buyers Agent Kimberly Greenwell.  Kimberly is a lifelong Kentucky resident who grew up in Bardstown, Kentucky near My Old Kentucky Home.  Kimberly graduated from Eastern Kentucky University with a degree in Broadcasting and has worked on a national and local level as a media sales consultant.  Kimberly is an extremely bright and talented individual specializing in customer communication and working towards the unique needs of each buyer.  Welcome Aboard Kimberly!  We are so glad you have joined our Team. 


Justin Giddings- Web Series- 'Bite Me'

Lynn and Perry's son Justin Giddings is enjoying great success with the zombie thriller web series 'Bite Me'.   The web series has skyrocketing reviews and over 14 million views on youtube.  Justin Giddings in Bite Me
Justin plays Greg, one of three roommate gamers facing a zombie apocalypse.  The show is currently in its second season and guaranteed to get you laughing.  
The three main characters comedic style combined with a hillarious zombie battle make perfect entertainment for any male between the ages of 15 and 40- and the women will like it too! If you haven't seen the series, grab some popcorn and check it out on the Machinima YouTube channel.  Justin was recently interviewed for mentalswag.com.  Congratulations Justin!  We can't wait to see what the future holds for you!


The Lynn Thomas Team Welcomes Jeff Gapen

Jeff Gapen RealtorThe Lynn Thomas Team is thrilled to welcome our new Listing Partner Jeff Gapen.  Jeff comes to us from RE/MAX and brings with him a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the Louisville Real Estate market.  Jeff graduated from the University of Louisville in 1992 with a degree in Business and Public Administration.  He began his career as a mortgage banker.  Jeff started his Real Estate career in 1993 representing local home builders and developers selling new homes.  In 2007, Jeff broadened his Real Estate scope of work to assist his clients list, sell, or lease their existing homes.  Jeff and his wife Karen are blessed with three wonderful boys Jack, Will, and Sam.  Jeff strives to balance his life with Real Estate and family time.  Welcome to The Team Jeff!  


Our Girls in their Derby Hats

Our Girls in their Derby Hats

Our Girls in their Derby HatsIt's Derby 2011!  That means it's time for our girls to put on their hats and shine!  They look absolutely stunning fabulous, gorgeous and fantastic in this years Derby attire.  Trish is modeling her 'Belle Blue' outfit while Shaunta brings out her Southern Indiana import special, just for the big day.  The girls came into the office early focused and helped their clients for the first part of the day.  Then, when everyone was well taken care of, off to the races they went.  Good luck ladies.  You look fantastic.


For more information on other events in the Kentucky Derby, check out the Kentucky Derby Great Bed Race 2011.


Kathryn Sotelo teaches Keller Williams Agents how to work with new internet clients

Kathryn Sotelo teaches Keller Williams Agents how to work with internet clients.

Kathryn Sotelo shares the success she has working with online buyers. People search for homes online typically need a Louisville Real Estate Agent to help them.  Kathryn has experience and expertise to help them get the home they love quickly for the best possible price.

Kathryn Sotelo teaches Keller Williams Agents how to work with new internet clientsKathryn Sotelo works with people online everyday.  Every single day buyers online are looking for homes on The Lynn Thomas Team website.  Online buyers can search for any home current listed on the Louisville MLS by going to www.LynnThomasTeam.com.  Kathryn approaches those folks, offers her services and helps them purchase the home of their dreams quickly with the least amount of hassles for the best possible price.  She has adopted a tried and true model of how to do that and offered to train the other agents in the office to that they too can be successful.  So a room full of learning based Keller Williams Real Estate agents packed into the training room at the Keller Williams Louisville East office located at 1230 S. Hurstbourne Pkwy Suite 100 Louisville Kentucky 40222.  They wanted to learn how how she does it.  They asked excellent thoughtful questions about how it works and why.  Kathryn was able to guide them on why an agents online presence is so critical.  In, 2010, according the the National Association of Realtors, 90% of buyers started their search for their home online.  Kathryn's thought is, 'as a buyers agent, an agent who represents the buyer in the purchase of a new home, why wouldn't I be online helping represent them in their new home purchase?  As a buyers agent, I need to be where the buyers are.'  The agents who attended the class are the best real estate agents in Louisville Kentucky.  The agents loved the class.  They were so grateful for the great information Kathryn so generously shared.  Kathryn did a follow up with everyone willing to work with online buyers to Mastermind and share the results they had in their next meeting.  Great job Kathryn.


Perry still has Ski Dreams

Perry Still has Ski Dreams

Perry still has ski dreams

Perry looks out the office windows and sees this light dusting of snow not wanting to melt under a frozen, 'I can't get my car started and why do all my kids have the flu?'  His eyes slowly adjust to a view very much like the picture above of him skiing in steamboat.  Steamboat Colorado is that lovely enchanted landscape in which the rush of a mountain run is interlaced with the ski instructors being oh so helpful in their surfer sounding voices and the restaurants are only accessible skiing halfway down the mountain.  If you stop for a moment at the top of a lift and look out, You'll see a view very much like the one above.  Don't worry kids, we'll be back in school tomorrow. :)


Lynn Thomas Team logo

The Lynn Thomas Real Estate Team


Justin Giddings in the Courier Journal

Justin Giddings in the Courier Journal

Justin Giddings in the Courier Journal

Perry and Lynn Thomas have the newest Hollywood actor as a son according to the Front Page of the Feature Section of the Courier Journal.  The article goes on to say that over 2 million people have seen him in the 5 episode online webisode called 'Bite Me' in which performs his starring debut as a defender of earth against the 'Zombie Apocalypse'.  He is also on the Nickelodeon show 'Big Time Rush' and the ABC family show 'Pretty Little Liars'.  Details of Justin Giddings can be found on his website.  He is a huge big deal to Perry and Lynn who love him like crazy.


Home for the Holidays

Home for the Holidays

Home for the Holidays

2010 concluded an amazing year with a spectacular visit to Perry and Lynn by their gifted children; Justin, Ryann, Sean and Charlie.  They came home for the holidays and stayed two days with a whirlwind of fun activities and a wonderful time together.  They shopped till they dropped.  They ate out.  They baked cookies and bread on their new Kitchenaid mixer.  They talked and laughed and spent an amazing time together.  Perry and Lynn absolutely loved having their children Home for the Holidays.


Perry and Lynn's Colorado Ski Trip

Perry and Lynn's Colorado Ski Trip

Perry and Lynn

Skiing Steamboat Springs Colorado

At Keller Williams family reunion 2010 in New Orleans back in February, Lynn made a bid on a charity auction for a ski trip in Colorado.  She knew how much Perry loves skiing, she competed with all the other bidders and won the trip.  She called to redeem the trip in September, then set the date for December 15th-20th.  Never having skied in Colorado, she had no idea what she was getting herself into.

Perry and Lynn Flew in on Thursday on the first flight into Steamboat Springs for the season.  There was an Olympic gold medalist greeting everyone getting off the plane, oatmeal and raisin cookies with hot apple cider in the terminal.  They flew past the festivities to beat feet to get a rental car, check into the hotel and change and head out to the world famous Steamboat Hotsprings to unwind.  Relaxed and invigorated, they set out to find a ski helmet.  They walked around downtown Steamboat Springs and stumbled into a sports shop where they learned about the Colorado wind sheer and how essential it is to cover the face eyes and head with more than just a scarf and hat.  With the purchase in tow, they headed off to the Cottonwood Grill for dinner.  Fully fed, they walked back to the Bristol Hotel and immediately crashed till morning.

Perry and LynnThey woke up early, packed everything up and headed to the mountain.  After finding a parking spot really close to the Gondola at the base they went to rental place to suit up for the day. That's where they met David Osbourne, Tracy and Isabella.  They instantly hit it off.  David paid for the rentals and lift tickets, Perry and Lynn got fitted suited up and headed out.

They went up the Gondola.  While David was finishing his morning coffee and Lynn was strapping on her gloves and tightening up her bindings, Perry was stunned speechless gazing at the breathtaking ever changing views going up the Gondola.

David wanted to check out our skiing abilities so he skied with us over to the Sunshine express express lift.  That lift took them all to the peak.  He recommended this as a great spot for Perry and Lynn as it was primary blue runs which is what they really wanted to ski.  David headed to a meeting and left Perry and Lynn to ski their hearts out.

Perry and LynnAfter 3 hard core runs down various degrees of the Tomahawk run, Perry and Lynn headed to the Rendezvous food court, a food place close to the peak.  The only way to get there was to ski in.  Once they were warmed up, they headed out to ski the Tomahawk variations again till the serious hunger set in.  They returned to the Rendezvous for an amazing lunch and hot tea.  They left the restaurant and and skied down to the top of the Gondola, make a quick right and skied 3 miles down a meandering trail cutting through the woods and cruising out near the condos finally depositing them at the base of the gondola.  They returned their gear and headed back to the Osboune's.

Perry and LynnOn their way back, they made a stop at a real estate company that had just been converted to a Keller Williams office.  Perry noticed a temporary sign hanging on the wall and they decided to walk in.  They met the owners who were super excited about changing over.  Lynn gave them a card with an offer to help agents with questions of how things work if they ever needed it.

They arrived at the Osborne house and were blown away with how classy and beautiful it was.  They stayed in the bottom floor suite with a king bed and bathroom.  They also set aside a separate suite for the Panellas with their own bed and bath.  Once they got settled in and showered, they headed out with the Osbourne's for dinner.

Dinner was awesome.  They headed back to the mountain and rode the Gondola, blankets on their laps to Western BBQ  The food was amazing, the company great, there was live country music playing and Lynn did the Hokey Pokey with Isabella.  After dinner, they greeted the Panella's who got in late, snuggled into comfy beds and ended a perfect first day at Steamboat.


The second day was more aggressive,  After a wonderful breakfast of oatmeal at home with the Panella's and the Osbourne's, the Thomas' hit the slopes and headed straight for the peak.  After the first run, Meg and Lynn pealed of to slow down and stay on the green runs while the others headed to some aggressive blues and black blues.  Toward the end of the runs, Perry fell back and got separated and skied back solo to Rendezvous for lunch.  After lunch, Perry, Lynn, Meg and Scott skied these wonder green runs thru the woods.  Scott shot a great video, and Perry commented on the dream condos they skied past on the way down.

The evening consisted of, Scott climbing 'Osbourne mountain' a large hill behind the house, while Meg and Lynn enjoyed conversation time and played with the baby, dinner out and straight to bed tired, aching and relaxed.

Day three opened with some sore people determined to stay on the greens.  So, from the top of the Gondola they headed left to 'Why Not' and headed into narrow trails that went forever.  Meg and Scott skied all they way down to the base, changed out their skies and snow boarded for the next two hours.  Perry and Lynn went ballistic on the green trails and skied till their legs wore off.

The four of them had lunch together at the slopes and watched the Giants loose the second game to Philadelphia Eagles.  They raced back to change into their bathing suits and the driver took them to the Hot Springs where they relaxed, took pictures and stretched out their tired muscles.  When they came home they...