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At Home In Louisville Real Estate Team

Perry and Lynn's Hot Springs Adventure

Perry and Lynn's Hot Spring Adventure 

Perry and Lynn were surprised.

Perry and Lynn's son Justin called and said, 'Ryann bought you guys a Christmas present.  When you get to your hotel in Colorado Springs, go down to the lobby at three o'clock and meet a guy who will take you somewhere special.'  Not wanting to be suprised, Lynn said, 'Where am I going and what should I wear?'  Justin said, 'Oh, wear a bathing suit and loose clothes over it.'

So Perry and Lynn arrived at the airport at 1:00PM and raced past the warm 'Steamboat reception of shake the hand of this formar Olympian and here have some oatmeal raisen cookies and hot apple cider' to track down and get the Enterprise rent a car guy to drive them to town to get the rent a car processed cause they are in a hurry to get to the hotel to 'meet the guy'.

They raced into downtown Steamboat where they got checked into the Bristol.  They did a quick change and sure enough, there was the the man ready to go right on time.  They got into a 4 wheel drive van and headed into the mountains.  Their guide was an entrepeneur who shared everything from the lay of the land to the attitudes of dress coded on a magnificent drive up snow covered roads.  The breathtaking views of snow covered trees lent a sureal feel to an already marvelous adventure.

perry and lynns hot springs adventureThey arrived and the guide explained that the water for the Hot Springs comes from inside a mountain that is a dormant volcano.  The water comes out at 140 degrees.  There are 3 pools.  One pool is 105 degrees, one is 103 degrees and one is 102 degrees.  'The water contains sulfer minerals and other trace elements that are really good for you.  Soak for a couple of hours and I'll be back to pick you up', he said.

The newness of the adventure wore off quickly as they took off thier cloths and were hit by the December Colorado temperatures.  They went straight for the larger 105 degree pool.  They were practically alone as only about five other guest were even in the place.  The steam rising off the water sheilded them from the few guest that were there.

They tried all the pools.  After an hour, Perry got so hot he went bathing in the ice melted spring nearbly.  The temperature of that water was 45 degrees.  Lynn spent the time leaning back, loosening her shoulders and putting her head under the hot waterfalls.  She even rubbed snow on her shoulders while sitting in the hot springs.  Her hair, her eyebrowws and her eylashes frooze and left little tiny crystals that glowed while sitting in the dusk sun.  She was relaxed.  Perry noted how it removed all the tension from traveling and rather than being 'relaxing now I can't do anything but go to bed', it was more 'relaxing now let's go do something I'm invigorated'.

Once the sun set, the temeratures plummeted.  Two hours of high temperatures in the Hot Springs was enough, so they got out, dried off, checked out the heater cabin, met the guide and set off back to the Bristol refreshed, relaxed and excited about their trip to Steamboat.  Thank you Ryann.


Our son Justin is on the set of Pretty little Liars

Our son Justin is on the set of Pretty little Liars.  He totally fits with their look.

Justin Giddings on the Set of pretty little Liars

He is an actor on one of the upcomming episodes, so in his excitement he went through the trailer and took some pictures

Justin Giddings on the Set of pretty little Liars
This isn't the half of it.

Justin Giddings on the Set of pretty little Liars
The leather looks good
Justin Giddings on the Set of pretty little Liars
This is where you make sure you look good
Justin Giddings on the Set of pretty little Liars
Of course the dining facilities can not be matched.  I am so proud of him.


Perry and Lynn Thomas Go To Disneyworld

Perry and Lynn Thomas put the amazing Kathryn Sotelo in charge of the Lynn Thomas Real Estate Team in Louisville Kentucky and headed down to Orlando Florida to meet Micky and Minnie Mouse in Disneyworld.  They drove down on Thursday and Lynn spent the day ,while Perry drove, on her phone and her ipad.  Lynn was amazed how connected they still were to their business while being completely mobile.  Heck, Lynn sold a house while she was in Florida!

Day 1 they drove and stopped in Valdosta and stayed the night.  Day 2, they drove straight to the Magic Kingdom.  They saw Mickey and Pluto and delighted over the kids visibly shaking with excitement as they met with the characters.  They spent the next three nights in the same hotel in Kissamee Florida right next to The Magic Kingdom.  The next day, they went to Epcot and ate their way around the world.

It's a family tradition to have fish and chips in England, quiche in France, Baklava in Moracco, Brats in Germany, Sushi in Japan, Egg Rolls in China, and of course films and rides in every country. They finished up the day seeing Wall Street in Downtown Disney AMC while kids stood in what seemed like 2 mile lines waiting for a free tootsie roll.

Day 3 they went to Hollywood Studios, got bored, and went back to Epcot and stayed through the evening romantically walking along Roman Streets and having Espresso next to lit fountains.  They rested well, got up early in the morning, and drove straight through to arrive home tired, refreshed, and ready to make a difference in the lives of their clients.  Meanwhile, while they were gone, Lynn sold her listing on Willow Stone and Kathryn got her buyers under contract on Woodridge Rd.

Being mobile and connected is a beautiful thing