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Selling Your Home

Why isn't my house selling?

Is your home listed but receiving few or no showings? If your home is listed, but not being shown – is your list price too high, OR could it be something else? Before automatically throwing your hands up and feeling like you have no choice but to lower your home price, take a moment to analyze your current listing presence.

House Not SellingIn today’s “digital age”, nearly all consumers start the process of shopping for their next home on the internet. If a seller’s home does not have great internet presence or does not show well online, the home will likely sit until the seller changes those very critical requirements OR until the seller lowers the price BELOW market value in order to entice a buyer to look at the home only because “it’s a deal”.

A typical buyer “shops” online by searching homes and avidly viewing photos. If the home shows poorly online, the home will likely be eliminated from their “list” of homes to make appointments to see. So how can you ensure your home will show well online and be on a buyer's viewing list?

1) Staging: The importance of having a home professionally staged is critical. A staging service will help the seller eliminate clutter, add touches of warmth to a room, rearrange furniture to maximize space, and make recommendations that will ultimately give a great first impression for the buyer– both online as well as in person. A great stager will have an eye for staging a home with photos as the main end product.

2) Photography: A professional real estate photographer is recommended. A photographer who is accustomed to photographing real estate will have a critical eye for detail that will best showcase each room of the home as well as maximize natural light or add light where needed.

3) Realtor: Lastly, a seller should list their home with a proven Listing Specialist who has the resources to ensure the listing is reaching all of the online sites that are critical for ultimate success.

If a home is staged properly, great photos are taken, maximum exposure online is achieved and the home still isn’t selling, then the homeowner can truly summarize that the asking price for the home is too high. 

To learn more about Selling a Home In Louisvile KY or to learn what your home is currently worth, contact one of our qualified Realtors in Louisville KY today.



How Does a Seller Determine the Sale Price to ask for his Home?

What is my home worth?When I meet with a home owner planning to put a home up for sale, the most pressing question the owner has for me is “What is my home worth?” Since a home sale is dependent upon, area, condition, price, and demand, it is critical that the homeowner has all of the necessary information in order to price the home to sell quickly and for as much money as possible.

So how is the value determined? Many real estate professionals will focus on 3 to 5 homes that have recently sold in the seller’s neighborhood. While this technique is important, it neglects to factor in current demand.

A review of the current market is critical. The market isn’t just the neighborhood the subject property is located in and it doesn’t limit itself to recently Sold transactions. The Current Market Analysis (CMA) should encompass the entire area of town in like-styled neighborhoods and showcase Active, Pending, and Sold properties.

Active listings are necessary to consider. In order to price competitively, the seller should know the number of competing homes, along with their price and condition. The competing homes are not only in the subject properties neighborhood, but in other like neighborhoods in the same area of town.  In addition, the CMA should feature the homes that are currently under contract, but not yet closed, as well as the homes that have sold and closed within the previous six months. Reviewing the price and condition of all competing homes is the best way to begin to understand the current value of the subject property.

When I look at all three areas of the CMA (Active, Pending, & Sold), I begin to see a pattern of average price per square foot which will lead me to an appropriate price range to suggest to the seller.  Price is critical. Properties that are priced well for the current market will attract showings and offers. Those are the ones that sell. Other critical success factors such as staging and marketing of the property, without the proper price, will likely not do the trick by themselves.

To learn about your home’s current market value, contact Kathryn Sotelo, Louisville Ky Realtor and Team Owner of At Home In Louisville Real Estate Group, a Proud Member of the Keller Williams Realty Family.  502-653-3577, Kathryn@athomeinlouisville.com. 



Tips to Sell Your Home In the Fall and Winter Months in Louisville, KY

Louisville Ky Autumn Skyline

Autumn is here!  The Fall and Winter months can really be a great time to sell your Louisville home, however, there are a few things sellers can do to get more showings and sell faster. 

Tips For Selling Your Home In Autumn Louisville KY


Landscaping needs to look great! It’s harder to do during the fall and winter months, but the first impression of your home is a lasting one. And in the fall and winter, having an attractive yard and approach to your home may be the one item that really makes you stand out from the rest. As so many homeowners let their yards go this time of the year, your home will stand out and immediately feel more cared for than most. Flowers are not exactly common this time of year in Louisville KY neighborhoods, however, sellers should do what they can to add a splash of color and life by displaying seasonal plants such as mums to the front porch area. Grass being neatly cut, leaves raked and flower beds freshly mulched make for a great first impression.

Autumn Front Porch

Don’t be stingy with the furnace! Buyers looking at your home should be welcomed into a home that isn’t cold. This is particularly important for those sellers who have already moved out of there home and have a vacant house on the market. When a buyer views a cold home, they tend to walk through very quickly and as a result, don’t take the time necessary to really “see” and appreciate your home.  Keep in mind not to keep the home too warm either, as that can make a buyer uncomfortable.  

All Lights on, curtains and blinds open!  This is equally important year round, but in the fall and winter, homes tend to show more “dark” and can feel smaller and less welcoming if the lighting is too low.  Turn on every light in the house (including in closets), and if the home is being shown during the daytime, open blinds and curtains as well.  Best of Luck and Happy Holidays!