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New Coco Lite machine at Whole Foods

New Coco Lite Machine at Whole Foods

Perry and Lynn Thomas went to whole foods and saw this amazing Coco Lite popping machine.  It's fun to watch.  Then they got home and ate them and found them to be the most amazing snack ever.  They are yummy crunchy and very low calorie.



#1 Posted by Judy Pierson at 5/5/2011 6:50 AM
Please let me know how I could order these wafers and/or the wafer making machine.
Thank you.
#2 Posted by Julie at 6/8/2011 0:15 PM
I just heard about these at a Weight Watchers meeting. They are not easy to find online. They are sold at Whole Foods. I finally found the company online and here is the website's order page:



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