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Perry and Lynn's Colorado Ski Trip

Perry and Lynn's Colorado Ski Trip

Perry and Lynn

Skiing Steamboat Springs Colorado

At Keller Williams family reunion 2010 in New Orleans back in February, Lynn made a bid on a charity auction for a ski trip in Colorado.  She knew how much Perry loves skiing, she competed with all the other bidders and won the trip.  She called to redeem the trip in September, then set the date for December 15th-20th.  Never having skied in Colorado, she had no idea what she was getting herself into.

Perry and Lynn Flew in on Thursday on the first flight into Steamboat Springs for the season.  There was an Olympic gold medalist greeting everyone getting off the plane, oatmeal and raisin cookies with hot apple cider in the terminal.  They flew past the festivities to beat feet to get a rental car, check into the hotel and change and head out to the world famous Steamboat Hotsprings to unwind.  Relaxed and invigorated, they set out to find a ski helmet.  They walked around downtown Steamboat Springs and stumbled into a sports shop where they learned about the Colorado wind sheer and how essential it is to cover the face eyes and head with more than just a scarf and hat.  With the purchase in tow, they headed off to the Cottonwood Grill for dinner.  Fully fed, they walked back to the Bristol Hotel and immediately crashed till morning.

Perry and LynnThey woke up early, packed everything up and headed to the mountain.  After finding a parking spot really close to the Gondola at the base they went to rental place to suit up for the day. That's where they met David Osbourne, Tracy and Isabella.  They instantly hit it off.  David paid for the rentals and lift tickets, Perry and Lynn got fitted suited up and headed out.

They went up the Gondola.  While David was finishing his morning coffee and Lynn was strapping on her gloves and tightening up her bindings, Perry was stunned speechless gazing at the breathtaking ever changing views going up the Gondola.

David wanted to check out our skiing abilities so he skied with us over to the Sunshine express express lift.  That lift took them all to the peak.  He recommended this as a great spot for Perry and Lynn as it was primary blue runs which is what they really wanted to ski.  David headed to a meeting and left Perry and Lynn to ski their hearts out.

Perry and LynnAfter 3 hard core runs down various degrees of the Tomahawk run, Perry and Lynn headed to the Rendezvous food court, a food place close to the peak.  The only way to get there was to ski in.  Once they were warmed up, they headed out to ski the Tomahawk variations again till the serious hunger set in.  They returned to the Rendezvous for an amazing lunch and hot tea.  They left the restaurant and and skied down to the top of the Gondola, make a quick right and skied 3 miles down a meandering trail cutting through the woods and cruising out near the condos finally depositing them at the base of the gondola.  They returned their gear and headed back to the Osboune's.

Perry and LynnOn their way back, they made a stop at a real estate company that had just been converted to a Keller Williams office.  Perry noticed a temporary sign hanging on the wall and they decided to walk in.  They met the owners who were super excited about changing over.  Lynn gave them a card with an offer to help agents with questions of how things work if they ever needed it.

They arrived at the Osborne house and were blown away with how classy and beautiful it was.  They stayed in the bottom floor suite with a king bed and bathroom.  They also set aside a separate suite for the Panellas with their own bed and bath.  Once they got settled in and showered, they headed out with the Osbourne's for dinner.

Dinner was awesome.  They headed back to the mountain and rode the Gondola, blankets on their laps to Western BBQ  The food was amazing, the company great, there was live country music playing and Lynn did the Hokey Pokey with Isabella.  After dinner, they greeted the Panella's who got in late, snuggled into comfy beds and ended a perfect first day at Steamboat.


The second day was more aggressive,  After a wonderful breakfast of oatmeal at home with the Panella's and the Osbourne's, the Thomas' hit the slopes and headed straight for the peak.  After the first run, Meg and Lynn pealed of to slow down and stay on the green runs while the others headed to some aggressive blues and black blues.  Toward the end of the runs, Perry fell back and got separated and skied back solo to Rendezvous for lunch.  After lunch, Perry, Lynn, Meg and Scott skied these wonder green runs thru the woods.  Scott shot a great video, and Perry commented on the dream condos they skied past on the way down.

The evening consisted of, Scott climbing 'Osbourne mountain' a large hill behind the house, while Meg and Lynn enjoyed conversation time and played with the baby, dinner out and straight to bed tired, aching and relaxed.

Day three opened with some sore people determined to stay on the greens.  So, from the top of the Gondola they headed left to 'Why Not' and headed into narrow trails that went forever.  Meg and Scott skied all they way down to the base, changed out their skies and snow boarded for the next two hours.  Perry and Lynn went ballistic on the green trails and skied till their legs wore off.

The four of them had lunch together at the slopes and watched the Giants loose the second game to Philadelphia Eagles.  They raced back to change into their bathing suits and the driver took them to the Hot Springs where they relaxed, took pictures and stretched out their tired muscles.  When they came home they met David's sister Anne and Liz and everyone had dinner at home.  Stew was served and everything was great.

The trip was relaxing, inspiring and fun.  The Thomas' loved meeting the Osbourne's and hope to see them at family reunion.  They hope to return to Steamboat again to ski preferably in January or February.

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